1881 Welcome Letter

1881 Football Letterhead image.png

To all 1881,

The season is underway which means excitement on and off the field, the field news, and fun will be delivered by the players and coaches, but off the field, we are continuing to make a difference as lifetime Gee Gees. 1881's contribution this year including bringing the Break the Plane initiative for underprivileged kids in Ottawa to uOttawa, training camp meals for players and the TD Dinner have all been a great success!

As usual 1881 Executive have been busy on a number of fronts all of which will enhance the experience for the executive and governors. It was just a week ago when we were talking about training camp and now our attention has moved to the Panda Game and what that represents for the 1881 crew. Plus; some very exciting developments around a presence that will land in the sports landscape of Canada that will turn heads.

I am excited to announce the NEW 1881 Football Alumni Association website www.1881football.com. It officially launched today and to quote Don Cherry, “It’s a beauty”. It's your website everyone including everything from the storied history of the uOttawa, the football program, all the football eras where you are all expected to contribute, event calendar, photo & video section, Governor section, a journal section for all to contribute and a state of the art 1881 store.

I can’t begin to tell you how much work was put into the design and creation of this site starting with looking closely at the best of the best NCAA sites all across North America. A big thanks to all the 1881 Executives commitment to review and give feedback to push it over the top. Safe to say, this website is the very BEST, something we can all be very proud of for years to come! It will be such a great tool and should help galvanize the link between all Gee Gee alumni and graduating student-athletes from the football program.

Spread the word, the site is open to the public and we encourage guests.

Along with the website add the announcement of the Spirit of 1881, Panda Pre Game Party on Friday, September 28th at Industria Pizzeria, Lansdowne Park (more details & special offer on your website) this is shaping up to be a pretty great month for 1881.


Neil Lumsden

Chair 1881